5 Cool Things @ 5 Below

Caylei Caldwell, Copy Editor, Feature Editor, News Editor

At 5 Below, there are some pretty cool hidden gems in the store! Here are 5 of those cool things: 


A mug warmer–I got this for Christmas, and it is amazing! It keeps your coffee or tea hot and all you have to do is push a button! 


Star Projector light–I have been seeing star projectors on Instagram and social media, and I have wanted one, but they are all so expensive. Then while researching for this story I came across this one, and I’m so excited about it! Just turn off your lights, and sleep under the stars. 


Color changing rock salt lamp–If you are looking to add something to your room decor, I suggest getting this salt rock lamp for only $5. 


Deep tissue massager–If you are an athlete or are just sore all the time, I recommend getting one of these. A deep tissue massager promotes blood flow to help tight muscles loosen, and help improve athletic performance. It is $15 but compared to other stores, this is a really good deal! 


White board–If you are needing a place to write down your goals or thought, 5 below has them for $5. There are plain white ones, ombre ones, and even clear ones. Pictu https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1UMHHXA54DHj5rXv07toh6SgV56uwIC-i?usp=sharing