Justin’s Life Advice: Volume 2

Always Looking Forward

Justins Life Advice: Volume 2

Justin Todd, Editor in Chief

I am not an expert nor am I saying this is a perfect key to life or high school, but it’s through experience that I can suggest this: There might be a point in time in your life where you are faced with a tough decision. This could be a many number of things. Whether or not you know the outcome of this decision, you must make it. The only thing worse than making a hard decision is the inaction of either choice. 

An important decision, a life changing decision will one day be presented before you. This decision is never easy or simple. Now, maybe you have already been presented with this decision and have made a choice. It’s important to not regret your decision and make the best of what you have. Neither of those decisions would have ever been easier or better; you may always think about what happened if you made the other choice. That’s okay to think that way, it’s okay to think how much different life would’ve been if you had made a different decision. Though these decisions are hard, you gotta keep your head up and keep looking forward. Despairing over what you could’ve done or don’t have is how you lose sight of what you do. 

It’s okay to become frustrated and flustered with no idea what you are going to do. The best thing to do, is to choose a path and walk it with your head held high and your mind set on completing it. “In any moment the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing.” -Theodore Roosevelt