Beta Club Induction Ceremony

The indication ceremony for new Beta club members will be held Tuesday, March 9th, at 7pm in the gym.

Briauna Swinford, Reporter

Beta Club is a club for students who meet grade requirements and show responsibility. New inductees bring in four canned goods, $15, and a personal hygiene item. They also need to get their teachers’ signatures for four consecutive days while wearing a name tag, and perform 1 hour of community service. This demonstrates students’ responsibility and willingness to help out in their community.

As a result of completing the requirements, students will go through an initiation ceremony where they will officially join the organization.

Attendance is mandatory and parents are invited to join. Masks will be mandatory. Families are strongly encouraged to enforce social distancing. The ceremony will last about 30-45 minutes.

Joining Beta Club has many benefits, and can potentially help lead to scholarship opportunities.