Fine Attire Room

The Fine Attire Room outfits students with items for every need.


Ashley Cromer, Coffee Runner

There is a room here at school that most students pass by daily, yet may not realize the room’s purpose. The Fine Attire Room, also known as the Dress Room, is usually open during and even after school, filled with dresses, suits, shoes, ties, jewelry, purses, and etc.

All items in The Fine Attire Room are all free to students. Students can take as many things as desired, as well as get the clothing tailored to your needs.

Photo Credit: Ashley Cromer

The location of this room is right next to the senior hallway.

Photo Credit: Justin Todd

Jeannie Bandermann oversees The Fine Attire Room.

“We’ve got tons of great items,” Bandermann said. “Not just women’s clothes but men’s as well.”

Photo Credit: Ashley Cromer

Ms. Jeannie is almost always going to be there to help students find anything they need.

“Very seldom am I ever not here,” Bandermann said. “Everything is donated, it’s all free and yours to keep so there is no need to worry about cost.”

There are dressing rooms so students can try on clothes in case students don’t know their exact size or to see if they like how it looks.

Photo Credit: Justin Todd

“Many may think that we just have dresses and jewelry, but we have a little bit of everything,” Bandermann said.

Items are available to meet the needs for many occasions, including business casual for interviews, tuxedos and formal dresses, even some casual wear and undergarments.

Photo Credit: Ashley Cromer

“We even have a seamstress to help you fit all your needs,” Bandermann said. “If something you like doesn’t fit, we can get it tailored to your size.”

Photo Credit: Justin Todd

Bandermann is also the public relations chair for Drama Club, assisting with finding items for performances such as for the play “Cinderella”.

Come on down for some fine attire, good for many formal occasions!