Justin’s Life Advice Volume 3

The Steps to Success

RedFrost Motivation

Justin Todd, Editor in Chief

I am not an expert nor am I saying this is a perfect key to life or high school, but it’s through experience that I can suggest this. Success is a goal that is driven into us at a young age, to be successful at school, at work, or at life. Success can be seen everyday and can be seen as discouraging, to see someone be more successful than you. 

Where do you start to be successful? It starts with failure, to fail is taking steps to success. You see people’s success but you do not see the sea of failures they had to overcome to become successful. Benjamin Franklin tried 3,000 to 6,000 different materials before he finally found the light bulb. The steps to success are lined with failure. 

Success isn’t how much money you make, or what social status you have, or whether or not you are stunning. Success is reaching goals, it’s finally getting to a point where you are content and secure. Where living with stability isn’t hard to obtain nor keep. Where you are happy with yourself and your life. Success is when you can look at your current situation and realize you are at a better place than you have been before.

Giving up or never having tried, is when you truly cannot achieve success. If you get it into your head that you will not succeed or cannot succeed, then you will not succeed. Having the mindset and willpower to be determined in your conviction of success. If you can say to yourself “I can do this, I can be successful.” Then you can have a mindset to succeed. To realize that every failure is a step in the right direction, that giving up is not an option worth taking. Then you can learn to succeed, to be successful. 

“Success begins with a person’s will, it’s all in the state of mind”- Walter D. Wintle