Artwork in the Trophy Cases


Justin Todd, Editor in Chief

If you have ever taken a look at the trophy cases while walking in the hallways you will probably notice a difference lately. Students’ artwork has started being displayed in the trophy cases alongside the sports trophies. These new additions are thanks to our very own Ms. Hall who teaches a variety of art classes including Design, World Arts, and Art Seminar.

Art Seminar is a class many have not heard of. To take the class you must take and pass with at least a C in Art 1, Design, and Drawing as well as to be someone who enjoys and wants to explore their interests and ideas through art.

“I feel like it’s an obligation to show your guys’ work and I feel like art is made to be seen by the world. By moving up here and having new classes and new places, I feel like I lost that and I have come to prioritize it again.” is what Mari Hall stated when asked why she started displaying the art.

Ms. Hall talked about how they painted over the art on the walls that were there in previous years. Art is being displayed all over again and many people have begun to notice.

Mrs. Manno stated “Their artwork is so good, it’s amazing to see what they have came up with.” and Mr. Miller stated to Mrs. Hall, “The artwork is amazing and really interesting.”

“I am proud to see what you guys have come up with from the abstract themes, that these have been a challenge for not only my students but for me as well. I’m really proud. I believe that as artists we show our problem solving, ingenuity, personality, and originality. The pieces are a physical representation of your efforts and the solution of the challenge.” Ms. Hall stated when talking about why it was important to display the artwork.

Ms. Hall justifies her duty to display her students work by explaining how it means a lot not only to her but to the students. The time, dedication, and obstacles students have to climb to get these pieces done is more than one would expect.

“I know first hand how intimidating it is to show artwork because it can be hard, I feel like it is my duty to help build your confidence in their work. I have always enjoyed bringing a new aesthetically beautiful tone to unconventional spaces.” Ms. Hall said in regards to her passion of displaying art.

Ms. Hall has spearheaded the new movement for art on display. She expressed how she wants to inspire students and even teachers to display their achievements and be proud of what they’ve done. Her passion and drive to help students get their art out and seen by those around them is very inspiring.

“I noticed a lack of variety of students’ achievements not on display. I have had a lot of teachers that have come by and stated how thought provoking and beautiful the works are. Hopefully this movement will encourage other teachers to display their students achievements as well.” Mari Hall stated.