Video Game Violence Vs Children

Video Game Violence Vs Children

Cristefer Stanfield, Reporter

Credited to Creative Commons

 One of the most controversial questions asked today do video games cause children to be more violent? What people would say is Yes stop playing these games. Now I kinda see what they mean from games like: Fortnite, Gta, Call of Duty. Well actually it’s not what you think, video games don’t actually cause children to be violent. 


   According to the Dana community, Studies have shown that games don’t actually make a child more violent. Actually, video games can actually make people more alert and accurate in life. For example, Playing certain games (like a VR game) can make people a better surgeon in real life. But for those yes people, it’s just common sense. Children wouldn’t be so violent if they or their parents would monitor how long they played(By the Dana Community). 


   So when we think about it, it would all depend on the gameplay and the monitorization of the child. Because it shows that the player’s personality comes into play depending on what’s being played. Mostly it’s the calm and collected players that would show little to now emotion when playing. But then again it just takes a few days break to help stop a person who gets mad or rages a lot at a game. In conclusion, if we were to just monitor our gameplay, there would be most likely less stressed children or players in the gaming community (once again according to the Dana community). 


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