Student Cupcake Wars

Mrs. Cowsert’s Annual Cupcake Wars is back and here are the results!

Student Cupcake Wars

Justin Todd, Editor in Chief

The time of year has come for Mrs. Cowsert’s Annual cupcake wars. Much like the Food-networks show “Cupcake Wars” students from her Culinary 2 classes battle it out in a cupcake bake-off and display design. Though it is similar to the show in concept, the three rounds are displayed in one big bake-off where students have to take their mystery ingredient and bake it into a cupcake that can woo the judges. While another day is set aside for building the displays for the cupcakes.

The rules for the contest are as followed:

The cupcake display design must match the theme given to the students.

The cupcake display must hold at least 12 cupcakes.

The mystery ingredient must be used in the cupcake and/or icing.


Below are the cupcake that were in the contest and their secret ingredients: