Power Lunch

Briauna Swinford, Reporter

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With the new trimester schedule, having a power lunch will be expected. This means that students will have one hour power periods during lunch that will replace Academic Advisory.

Having a power lunch introduces students to have the choice as to how they want to spend their time. This could help students with time management and task management.

Students can choose to spend their time by, using it as study time, test make-up, eating lunch in general, club meetings, recharge time, and seeing teachers, although there will be times where you may not have to choose. These times may include meeting with a counselor, homework recovery (if you have missing work), class meetings, SEL time. Failing to go to these required classes will result in a tardy.

“The focus here is on giving students an opportunity to explore effective time management and give you more control over your day,” head principal Dan Kania said.