The Need for a DM

The Need for a DM


   Have you ever wanted to watch as your friends explore the vast reaches of your world? Well, as you may have heard, our school has a Dungeons and Dragons(DnD) club.

   This year, with so many of clubs being virtual, it appeared we did not exist. The thing is, we might not exist next year with most of our Dungeon Masters(DM) graduating this year. We have had only a few people step up to become a DM, the rest of us are players. Both are very important, but the game will not exist if there is nobody to run it.

In DnD, as a DM you can make the world whatever you please, from the core to the end of the universe. You can also use premade campaigns if you lack any ideas or time to prepare. DMs must let players have a chance to do what they want, even if it affects the results. You also get to make your own things(homebrew) to allow in your campaign. There are also so many different types of equipment to allow, such as magical items that boost your attack power.

On the other hand, as a Player you explore all of the world as you want or can. The DM will tell you what races, classes, and backgrounds you can use. When you are a player you can be who you want to be as long as you respect the rules your DM lays out. You get to make the decisions for your character and depending on what you roll on the appropriate dice you may succeed or fail. You also engage in combat with anything and everything if you want, also determined by a dice.

The club is in need of more of both types of people. The club is welcoming and promises a  judgment free zone. As long as you have an imagination and time, you should be good to join. If you wish to join, visit club sponsor Mr. Bellows and ask about it.