Mysterious Baby Bandit

Babies are being mysteriously placed around the school, the culprit has been dubbed the Mysterious Baby Bandit.


Ashley Cromer and Justin Todd

Breaking news! The Mysterious Baby Bandit has struck again! All over the school, plastic babies have started popping up in strange and obscure places. Many have claimed to know the identity of this tiny baby fiend is, but all are unwilling to share this information.

This mysterious person places the babies when no one is looking and is very inconspicuous about their placements. Many people have found and started collecting these babies, leaving the school in turmoil over who it could be that is leaving them.

The details gathered by the detectives investigating this madness have discovered that the Mysterious Baby Bandit is of the sophomore class and that they place babies directly after school when no one is around.

Over the past many years, many different people have done this harmless joke and this little end of the year joke is no different.

Keep your eyes peeled for these small strange babies, they could be anywhere! Lockers, door frames, desks, windowsills, even bathrooms. Collect at many as you can, re-hide them, or even start hiding them around town or where you live for others to join in on this baby bonanza.