Humans of PHS: The Rowbottoms Goodbye

Cristefer Stanfield, Ethan Stock, Reporters

   Fellow students, as we know, two of our beloved teachers will be retiring this year. Yes, those teachers are Mr. and Mrs Rowbottom, who taught us our sciences and mathematics. We understand, it’s hard to say goodbye to those we’ve grown so attached to. So take this story, and let these last few words go to heart. For this may be one of the few rare chances you’ll get to ever see them again. 


   Our beloved Mr. Rowbottom, most of our students know him as a science teacher. Well he has a great amount of history behind him that not very many know of.  Most of us didn’t know that he had begun teaching here for eleven years starting in 1988 before going to become a principal at Affton High School.  A lot of us did know he had been the principal of the middle school, currently the PI school. He then taught here a year again before his retirement plans. He does plan to travel with his wife alongside watching his daughter play hockey, and who knows, maybe he’ll sub here again. His final words as a main teacher here was this, “Remember to do this for the kids, don’t get caught up in all the other stuff,”- Mr. Rowbottom 2021.Mr Rowbottom


   Mrs. Rowbottom, a teacher that will surely be missed. Well, as you now know both of the Rowbottom teachers currently here are now leaving us. The thing is, Mrs. Rowbottom plans to substitute teach sometimes, so you can see her once more even after this year. Do not stop this from bidding farewell though, she also plans on spending time just relaxing or even traveling. She has been teaching for thirty-four years and has some advice to offer for any teacher reading or even those who plan on becoming a teacher, this advice is to “Always be prepared,”-Mrs. Rowbottom. Now go see her and say goodbye for one last time before it is too late.

Mrs. Rowbottom

   Now before they leave us for god knows how long, what should be done is that students need to go and say what may (once again they may sub) be their last goodbye. Most of us grew up with them teaching us or just being there so we will allow them to leave with a whole-heart farewell. Others, well others may not have had the chance to even meet them, but that’s okay, it’s not too late. They will be happy if even strangers go and say goodbye as long as we show that we care and their many years were not in vain. Well students, it’s time, to bid them farewell, for once more, we may not know of their next arrival.