Pacific Indians Varsity Football


Chase Vernaci

Pacific High’s Varsity Football team is now sitting with a fair record of 2-1 after a neck-and-neck game with St. Clair ended with a score of 52-47 in favor of Pacific. Senior Makai Parton had an outstanding performance to contribute to the team’s victory last Friday. He ran the ball for 375 yards and scored 6 touchdowns while averaging 12.9 yards per carry on a hefty 29 attempts.

Q & A with Coach Day

Q: How do you feel about the team’s performance over the first few games?

A: “I think we are getting better, it all comes with time and effort.”

Q: Do you think the team has improved over this past off-season?

A: “Absolutely we’ve made huge huge strides in strength, speed, and chemistry.”

Q: How do you feel about Makai’s immaculate performance last Friday against St. Clair?

A: “I think he played well. In order to run the ball well you’re gonna need good blocking, communication, teamwork, and good chemistry in order to make that happen.”

Q: What can the team do to keep improving?

A: “We need to continue what we’re doing, I think we’re on a good path. We need to keep on pushing ourselves to create more strength and speed across the team and to continue to watch the film and fix our mistakes.”

Q: What preparations are you taking to face Union Friday?

A: “Watching film on Union from last year’s games and this year, finding out their game plan, exploiting their weaknesses, and putting a stop to it.”

From what Coach Day answered, it’s safe to say that this upcoming game is going to be good. Sounds like we are taking all the necessary precautions to be prepared for Erick Webster and the Union Wildcats this Friday.