Trimesters at Pacific High School

Pacific High School implements new schedule

Gabrielle Snyder

For the 2021-2022 school year, trimesters were put into action. The trimester schedule has students in all five of their classes every day, and with the addition of the Power Hour lunch period. With such a drastic chance, there have been many questions flying around from students and teachers on the details of the schedule. 

“So far I think it’s fine,” sophomore Sophie Meyer said. “I miss block scheduling though. After experiencing last year with a different schedule it’s been hard to warm up to the new schedule.”

Other students prefer the new model.

“I prefer trimesters to the idea of block scheduling,” freshman Alana Robinson said. “Because there’s less classes and they’re shorter.”

The newly created Power Hour, providing students with a flexible stretch of time during lunchtime, has consistently positive reviews.

“I really like it because I get to relax and talk to my friends,” Meyer said.

Seniors with open lunch privileges are allowed to leave for the full period. 

Opinions on trimesters are still being formed, due to the entirely new schedule. Many have said they still need time to get used to it, some students missing block scheduling, but with the vast majority loving Power Hour.