2021 Homecoming Spirit Week

Gabby Snyder

Facing off, representatives from the senior and sophomore classes begin Tug of War. (Jenna Farris)

   Spirit week is now upon us. After Homecoming parade comes a week of themes lined up to celebrate the ending of a season. The last couple of years have been difficult to instill spirit among students, but this week students have gone all out.

   Tuesday started out with a bang with Hawaiian day. Students were decked out in Hawaiian shirts of all different patterns and leis of every color. Crowds of rainbows fled through the halls during passing time.

   “I wore the same outfit as I did my freshman year, but we love it. I really like the theme because it’s kind of tradition for us to do that theme every year,” senior Michael Aehle said. 

   Wednesday was Pink Panther themed, or in simple terms wear pink. Almost the entire school participated in this day, which made the halls very bright. The vibe of the infamous quote from Mean Girls, “On Wednesdays we wear pink”, was very obvious. 

   Thursday’s theme was The Blind Side, or jersey day. Everyone wore their favorite jerseys of all sports. Basketball, football, and specifically Blues and Cardinals jerseys were everywhere. Best friends wore matching jerseys or even rival ones.

   “I like it because it’s really easy for everyone to participate in and you get to see everyone’s favorite players and teams,” senior Aubrey Harris said. 

   Friday ended House Colors/Skittles Day. The options were to either wear purple and white or wear class colors: freshman/yellow, sophomores/green, juniors/blue, seniors/orange, and teachers wear purple. This tends to be one of the more fun days because everyone goes all out in their class colors. The pep assembly is especially colorful especially when classes are separated in the bleachers.