Why did you not reach your New Years Resolutions?

Caylei Caldwell

When 2022 started, you might have made a New Year’s Resolution. With January ending, you may or may not have kept that goal you made for yourself. About 80% of people give up their resolution by February. If your resolutions didn’t work out, here are some reasons as to why. 

One reason is that your resolution wasn’t specific enough. Let’s say your goal was to study more. That’s a great goal, however the problem with that is how much more? You should have a specific plan to know how much more you will study. Even if it is just five extra minutes a day. 

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

A second reason is the resolution is worded too negatively. If you say you don’t want to eat junk food, you will think about junk food when you think of your resolution. Instead make your goal more positive, like to eat healthier. 

Another reason is you make a resolution about something you don’t actually want. You could make a goal about getting onto the soccer team because your parents played soccer in high school. If you don’t actually want to play soccer, you are wasting your time. You won’t be as good at something if you don’t actually want it. 

The last main reason is you did not hold yourself accountable. You should tell people your resolutions, and write them down where you will see them everyday. Once you make your resolution a habit, it will be very easy to continue and finish with your resolution.

Overall, you should make sure your resolutions are specific, are positive, and are ones you want. If you didn’t reach your resolutions, it is alright to start again. It does not have to be a new year for you to make a new goal.