Russian Invasion of Ukraine and What You Can Do


Caylei Caldwell

*This story contains sensitive content.

   On February 24, 2022 Russia invaded Ukraine. There have been attacks from sea, land, and from the sky. Bombs are being dropped, and tanks are rolling through cities. A lot of people in Ukraine are leaving, and a lot of civilians are staying to fight. There are parents losing their children, and children who are becoming orphans. Family members, animals, and belongings are being left behind, and thousands of people are walking to other countries, in hope of some safety. 

  There are many heroic stories traveling online, and it’s hard to tell which ones are real and which ones are not. Reports of a woman in her eighties went to Russian soldiers and gave them sunflower seeds, so that when they die a sunflower can grow out of their body.

   There are also protests in Russia from people who do not want war. There is the Ghost of Kyiv who flies a MiG-29 and has been said to have shot down 10 Russian aircrafts. There are tons of stories of civilians taking on Russian soldiers. 

  A young boy played a piano in a hotel in Kharkiv as unconfirmed reports of Russian troops were advancing on the city. Volodmyr Zelenskiy, the President of Ukraine, is on the front line with his troops, fighting side by side with them. A Ukrainian soldier blew up himself and the bridge he was protecting to stop Russia from advancing. There are many heroes in this war, and there are a lot of people giving up everything they know to either seek refuge or to fight. 

  So what can you do to help? There are a lot of people finding unique ways to get information and money to those who need it. In the comments of social media posts, people are sharing that Ukrainians can go to the Poland border and they will let you bring your pets with you. 

   Some people have booked Air Bnbs and rental properties in Ukraine, so the money still goes to the family renting out the house. 

   There are a lot of ways to assist the people of Ukraine. Even if you can’t donate anywhere, you can share the information, and that way, more people can know what they can do.