Erin Brooks

Sophomore Erin Brooks enjoys extracurriculars and stays busy while enduring changes to routine and quarantine.


Photo submitted by Jenny Devine

Standing on the athletic field, sophomore Erin Brooks feels at home.

Abigail Whittington, News Editor

Sophomore Erin Brooks is having a very successful year. She was elected as Student Council sophomore class president in her first year run for Student Council. She made the varsity volleyball team as well as dance team.

“I felt awkward with dance at first because I haven’t danced in so long, but I actually really like it,” Brooks said. 

A quarantine due to exposure to Covid-19 hasn’t derailed Brooks.  

“Due to COVID-19, I have not depended on getting the full experience. Although I don’t know if we will compete this year with dance, I’m still grateful I get to have practices with them,” Brooks said.

On October 16th and 17th a Hip Hop choreographer came to help the dance team, but for dancers who had been quarantined, Brooks included, it was over a Zoom meeting. 

Brooks says that the Student Council experience is different than expected. While serving as president of the sophomore class, she doesn’t feel like she is at a higher standard than other members, but does feel like she still has a valid and helpful opinion.

“It was hard to come up with student involvement activities because of the pandemic. Some ideas weren’t able to be implemented because they did not meet proper requirements,” Brooks said. 

Even though COVID-19 has changed a lot of her school activities and personal life, Brooks isn’t letting that affect her fun.

“I got quarantined on a volleyball game day, it was a surprise. I was going to be missing out on my volleyball activities and games for the next two weeks, it was disheartening. I was still happy I got to participate in the season, even though I missed out on the last few games,” Brooks said.

As Brooks has been quarantined, she has focused on learning to play the ukulele. She enjoys her activities with school just as she has every year, even her new exciting experiences.

Erin Brooks stands on the athletic field
Standing on the athletic field, sophomore Erin Brooks feels at home. (Abigail Whittington)