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Covid-19 Impacts Students

Covid-19 impacts nearly every aspect of students' lives.

November 11, 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected everyone in many different ways. Students are arguably amongst the most affected. Many students are virtually learning at home during this pandemic; others are hybrid and come to the building for specific courses, and others are learning in person every day. Though sometimes it feels like no one is attending school, this big change has affected everyone in their own way.

A student’s social life is no foreign thing. Most, if not all, students have a social group they fit in and interact with. This year has changed how students interact and their social lives.

“I’ve always been rather shy, but it’s my senior year. I was looking forward to branching out and being more confident in my social abilities,” senior Savanna Johlke said. Johlke is a hybrid learner. “Instead, I don’t get to see anyone and so far the dances have been cancelled, and the clubs and sports are limited.” Johlke is one of many students that has been affected by Covid restrictions that have not only hindered their school life, but their social life as well. 

Being bored or finding something to do was a constant struggle over the quarantine. Some people exercised, some played video games, others learned new hobbies like sewing or even drawing.

“For the first few months of the pandemic, all I felt was pure worry and anxiety,” Ashley Cromer said. Cromer is a full time in person student. “Though, when I found hobbies like drawing and sewing and chores like cleaning and cooking, it really helped my mind adapt to the changes.”

When the lockdown started, many students had no clue what to do and felt weighed down with worry and dread. Some students, like Cromer, found a way to cope through hobbies. 

Students felt the affects of restrictions and the changing environment in the workplace as well. Some even lost their jobs when the pandemic shut down the entire state.

“I lost my current job and had to wait for my second one to open back up,” senior Lisa Frank said. Frank is a hybrid learner. “Now I have people yell at me for all sorts of things, mainly because of the new Covid restrictions.”

The restrictions vary in each county, which poses a unique challenge for a tri-county community, and there have been passionate responses to various restrictions. Despite dealing with customers that can be aggressive and uncooperative, it’s important to remember that these changes are a result of a new pandemic. We all need to be able to adapt to keep everyone safe. 

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    Justin BellowsNov 19, 2020 at 7:13 pm

    O.G.R.E. is open and accepting new members. Stip by Room 518. But I feel like the sources quoted in this article knew that already …