Cooking in a Pandemic

Culinary classes adapt to new protocols.


Tymber Johnson

Culinary students have revamped the class to meet protocols in place to mitigate the spread of Covid-19. Precautions include bagging pre-portioned ingredients to cut down on contamination.

FACS teacher Casey Cowsert budgets money for gloves and additional cleaning supplies to help protect her students against the coronavirus.

Students are protecting themselves as well, by taking precautions such as washing their hands frequently and social distancing. Students are placed in two groups, Group A and Group B. While Group A cooks, Group B works on assignments, alternating groups every class period. This cuts down on traffic and numbers in the compact kitchen area at one time. Grouping also helps with contact tracing.

  Culinary is taking precautions against Covid-19 and you can too: Wear your mask!