Digital Publications Staff Rolls Out Online Newspaper

Students from the new Digital Publications course create and design online newspaper.

In the newly formed Digital Publications course, students work together to create a student led online newspaper.

In addition to learning journalistic standards, members of the Digital Publications staff completed an in depth experiential project. The experiential project included developing branding, implementing marketing strategies, creating a mission statement and determining staff positions.

“I was intrigued by the idea that we will have a class where we can voice students’ opinions, unlike what we’ve had before,” photography editor junior Tymber Johnson said. “We don’t currently have something where students can voice their opinion on current topics that affect us and our school lives.”

The staff set a goal of developing interesting content using a variety of medias. Besides learning about traditional print media, the staff is incorporating graphic design, broadcasts, podcasts and graphics in to their content delivery.

“I took Intro to Journalism and enjoyed it quite a bit, so when I saw the opportunity to take part in something bigger I took it,” editor in chief senior Justin Todd said. “I enjoy being able to help create such an amazing class that can be used to bring everyone closer after so much necessary distancing.”

After developing an experiential project, Digital Publications staff chose a design created by Alyssa Seals and Abigail Whittington.