Thanksgiving 2020

Due to Covid, how will this Thanksgiving turn out?

Thanksgiving 2020

Cris Stanfield, Reporter

Thanksgiving 2020

As Halloween draws to a close, a new holiday is approaching. Of course I’m talking about Thanksgiving, but due to Covid, how will this Thanksgiving turn out? We all remember eating turkey with the family, getting together  and celebrating love and friendship. Now what’s going to happen? Thanks to technology, families are still able to come together, but maybe not in the traditional way. 


Many problems in the Covid exposure is that people over the age of sixty-five and/or people with a pre existing condition are at a higher risk of developing complications from Covid-19. Some may choose to hope for the best, some may choose to wear a mask. Some may decide it would be too much of a risk. But then, thanks to programming, technology can save the day. 


There are several solutions if quarantine occurs during Thanksgiving, one of which is the online login. The online login is a great way to show up to events without actually being there. This solution was already used before during a high school graduation in Korea. But instead of paying top dollar for a robot, people could set up the right angle for a device so a video call can be made. 


Missing a holiday can add stress in addition to the stress that many are already feeling. Instead, examine different options to show up. As 2020 comes to an end, we can’t help but, How will life be in the next year? How will the world change with Covid exposure? How will we survive? All we have to do at this point is to just hope for the best and wait for Covid to finally end, for as my father says, “Family is meant to come together, not be torn apart,”–Cris Douglas Stanfield (my father). So as we begin the holiday season, remember that this too shall pass, hopefully sooner rather than later. And in the meantime, look at creative ways to still enjoy the holiday season.