5 Strange Creatures in the Ocean

Ashley Cromer, Journalist

Below are five strange and interesting creatures found in the ocean. Get ready to fear the ocean and what is hidden in its depths, as only 5% has been explored.

  1. Northern Stargazer. This 22 inch fish can be found in the Atlantic shores.

We Caught a Northern Stargazer (Chesapeake Bay)


2. Gulper Eel. The gulper eel will attempt to eat creatures too large for it, thus killing itself. It really knows how to bite more than it can chew.

Umbrella mouth gulper eel


3. Black Dragonfish. This fish is classified as one of the most venomous creatures in the Mediterranean, with the venom coating the barbs and spines on its body.

Dragonfish Facts | Dragon Fish | AZ Animals


4. Fangtooth Fish. These fish are believed to have the largest teeth of any fish. While it may look terrifying, with its poor eyesight it is harmless to humans.



5. Sea Lamprey. Much like leaches, they latch onto their host and then drain it dry. It usually will latch to a fish and won’t attack a human. Usually.


Duluth Boat Show - Sea Lamprey Booth