Guffey’s Pizza Food Review


Justin Todd, Editor in Chief

Guffey’s Pizza is located in Gray Summit Missouri right down the road from our very own Pacific High School. It is a small pizza restaurant that serves pizza, sandwiches, pasta, salads, and more. Their unique homemade-style cooking makes this place stand out amongst the many others in Pacific. 

Guffey’s Pizza has, as stated previously, a multitude of different choices to choose from and with the current Covid-19 pandemic, they have contactless delivery. The good customer service, online ordering, and quick delivery makes ordering from them that much easier.

Lastly, and most importantly, their food is cooked thoroughly and well. They make sure every delivery arrives hot and fresh. The food is not dry or unsuitable for consumption as well as they use fresh whole ingredients. The overall taste and complexity of their food leaves you wanting more!