The Pride Staff Talks Post Graduation Goals

Sam Rusin, Reporter

“I plan to travel to Japan.” Cristefer Stanfield, 10


“I am going to go to college.” Ashley Cromer, 12


“I am planning on attending college and getting a degree in technology.” Ethan Stock, 10


“I want to attend Northwestern University in Michigan and get my degree in sports management. My  dream job is to be the  General Manager of the New York Giants.” Chase Vernaci, 10


“I will be a manager at Hidden Valley.” Tymber Johnson, 11


“I’m not entirely sure but I hope to do something with marine biology.” Josie Force, 10


“I want to get my business degree to further my goal of opening my own business, a themed restaurant and Renaissance Fair.” Justin Todd, 12


“I know I want to travel, but I am undecided on a career.” Ace Jesser, 11


“I’m planning on attending veterinarian school.” Sam Rusin, 9