Zoomin into snow days

For the week of February 16-19, all schools turn to E-learning due to inclement weather.

Briauna Swinford, Reporter

With a big snowstorm coming through and covering much of the Midwest in snow and temperatures as high as only 7 degrees, students of all age groups transitioned to E-learning.

“They are dumb because when you go into winter you expect to have many snow days, but with Zoom, it kinda defeats the purpose,” freshman Trinity Brandhorst said.

Students had varying opinions on the Alternative Method of Instruction (virtual) snow day learning.

Freshman Stephon Bishop said that it’s better than sitting around doing nothing.

Kayla Swinford, fifth grader, said she doesn’t like it because she would rather play in the snow.

Many students like Brandhorst and Swinford struggled with virtual school with distracting siblings and pets. Both agreed learning virtually with siblings at home was difficult.

“It’s hard to concentrate because Bri is screaming at her computer and the dogs are barking in the background,” Swinford said. “It could also be hard to concentrate with the sensation of wanting to play outside in the snow.”

Many students, especially younger students, can agree with that.

Icy road conditions prevented on campus learning for several days.