Tater Tot Review

Ashley Cromer, Coffee Runner

The school’s tater tots are one of the most favorite foods served here at school. Those crispy, golden, potato pieces are beloved by many.

One student, Zachary Coulter, had a very passionate thing to say on what he thought of the tater tots. “Nonexistent, it’s been so long since they served them you never see them anymore. It’s sad.” When there is a period of time that the cafeteria doesn’t serve the tater tots, many students notice and begin to really miss them.

I feel that the tater tots are one of the best things on the menu and I’ve noticed that when they are being served that many students are in the line for them.

Tater Tots Bokeh


Olivia and Macy on the other hand had a different opinion about them. According to them, “they get cold too fast”, but they taste very good with a lot of Ketchup.

Mrs. Toni, a lunch lady here at school, was asked her opinion on these tater tots. “When they’re cooked just right they’re so crunchy and delicious.”