Pros and Cons of Getting the COVID Vaccine

People are wondering whether to get the vaccine and risk complications from it or not get the vaccine and risk getting covid itself.


Ashley Cromer, Coffee Runner

The vaccine is very controversial right now since it seems to be very rushed. One was already recalled, the Johnson and Johnson vaccine, so is the risk really worth it? Some say yes while others say no. Below are some pros and cons to the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines.


  • You have to wait about two weeks after getting the second dose of the vaccine to be considered fully immune, so there is a chance you could still get Covid right after getting the vaccine if you are not careful.
  • There is a very, very small chance you can get Covid even after being fully vaccinated.
  • The vaccine comes with side effects such as headache, exhaustion, sore arm, there is a small chance of fever and a small possibility of a rash on the area where you got the shot called Covid arm.

While there are cons, most of them are maybe’s and what if’s. Below are the pros to the vaccine.


  • Once you get both doses and are fully vaccinated, you won’t have to wear a mask when you are with a small group of people or when going outside.
  • Both Moderna and Pfizer are shown to last at least six to seven months with a good chance of lasting longer.
  • The side effects, if there are any, only last 24 to 48 hours and they aren’t as bad as getting the Covid virus itself.
  • We will be able to reach herd immunity once at least 94% gets the vaccine.
  • It doesn’t cost anything to get the vaccine.
  • It benefits your overall health and significantly decreases your chance of getting Covid and/or dying from it.

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