Yu-Gi-Oh! at Walmart


Ethan Stock, Announcement Editor

Have you heard of Yu-Gi-Oh the trading card game? It has been popular recently due to all of the reprints and new cards coming out consistently. Well due to the rise in popularity for the first time in a while Union Walmart is almost completely out of cards. They have a paper stuck to the shelf that reads “We are limiting 2 card packs per customer due to high demand” Eureka Walmart Is completely out of Yu-Gi-Oh cards at the moment though they do not have a sign. Konami, the owners of Yu-Gi-Oh have released much more interesting card packs to be fair, they have released the Legendary Duelists Season 1 and 2 boxes. They came out with 2 of 3 god card structure decks for early summer. I found this pretty interesting seeing as Yu-Gi-Oh has almost died out so much over the years but to be fair they are stepping their game up.Walmart might be removing cards from there stores - Page 5 - Blowout Cards Forums