Possibility Of Intelligent Life

Ethan Stock, Announcment Editor

Do you know how so many people are always saying there is no such thing as aliens? That it is impossible for them to exist? Well first let’s go over what I mean by alien, when I say alien I am referring to intelligent species from a different planet than us. Well I believe that these aliens may possibly exist, have existed, or will exist. I have all the proof I will need right here.


So you know how Earth is in what we call the habitable zone, the area around a star where it is not too cold nor warm so that water may exist as a liquid. As we all should know, liquid water is the base need for life to persist. There have been many discoveries of planets within the believed habitable zone of stars similar to ours and some even different. Most of these planets resemble Earth in some manner, like being rocky. Size does vary but in the end it is composition that matters.


Scientists have also discovered that Earth, Venus, and Mars consist of two different particles, all of which are the same for each. These particles are ice and carbon, which all life forms on earth are carbon based and need water to survive. This ice that is in the particles will eventually melt and cause oceans to appear, or evaporate to create clouds like the planet Venus has. H2O is quite common in the universe just not in liquid form, so it may be on other planets. The University of Copenhagen stated in the article “Anders Johansen explains that the water molecule H2O is found everywhere in our galaxy, and that the theory therefore opens up the possibility that other planets may have been formed in the same way as Earth, Mars, and Venus.”


There have also been many radio signals coming from space. Some of these radio signals are identified as our own doing but others are much less identifiable. There was one case of a radio signal repeating in a pattern, nobody knows where it came from but it was the same general direction for each burst. Jennifer Chu of MIT News Office informed “This new FRB source, which the team has catalogued as FRB 180916.J0158+65, is the first to produce a periodic, or cyclical pattern of fast radio bursts. The pattern begins with a noisy, four-day window, during which the source emits random bursts of radio waves, followed by a 12-day period of radio silence.”


 There was another case where the signal followed the rotation of a planet though we are too far to see if anything is there. These radio bursts lead me to believe that maybe somewhere some life is trying to reach us.