Practical Arts

Cristefer Stanfield, Reporter

  I have gone around and conducted a survey on our practical arts. A practical art is an art that has no requirements and can be used any time like a life skill. What this means is that you can use these practical skills and turn them into life or practical career skills. So what’s gonna happen is while going through this, we talked about the statistics of each class and which is more popular over the others. 




   So starting with popular classes we have stuff as in Culinary and Fashion. These classes consist of teaching you the basics of cooking and Sewing in that order. The main reason these classes are popular is because of the fact of high demands and free food and goods. But as we get further into these classes, they consist of much more than just the basics, and more into life development skills. For example: Culinary may teach you the basics of cooking, but sooner or later, you can get into fine cuisine. 


Wood Shop



   Then we have classes like wood shop and marketing. OK, it’s understandable that most people wouldn’t want to go into a marketing career, which is fine. Now think about wood shop, free crafts of your own creations, you’d have to be a simple person to pass that up. Now marketing can teach you the basics of buying and selling goods at any point in time. The main course of Marketing is to show the legal terms needed and the rights one has for selling. Honestly it’s surprising how these classes weren’t at the top of the list, especially wood shop, anyway moving on. 


   Next we have stuff like Yearbook and Chromebook styled classes. Look it’s okay, some of these classes may seem difficult, but with enough effort, you too can design a custom yearbook. Now Chromebook classes are rough, but fun. What you do is fix Chromebooks or learn how to rebuild electronics. Plus with being in these classes, we get our own coding and web design sources. Gee seems like stuff is getting amazing here.

Chrome land

   Finally we have Leadership management and Child Development. It’s understandable why some people may not like the looks of these classes, which is understandable. But think about the life skills these classes can offer. On one hand we have a class that teaches proper parenting techniques and on the other, we have a class that teaches you how to have confidence in yourself and in front of an audience. Sure these classes may be hard, but power through and you’ll soon see what a great part of society you’ll become. 


   In conclusion, all of these classes are amazing, but some may require more knowledge than others. All that’s trying to be said is that students should at least try to go into the other classes. They may be tough, but with enough hard work, you’ll soon see why all classes are created equal. Finally, classes should be cherished while they can, for some students may not have the knowledge to do such tasks because they never learned them in school.