5 things to get your friends for Christmas

Christmas is coming up, and if you are struggling with gift ideas for your friends for the holidays, here are some things from Amazon that can help!         

  • Blankets: Blankets are something you can give to anyone, because who can ever have enough blankets?
  • Board games: Board games can help your friend to not be “board”if they get quarantined. 
  • Snacks: Teenagers love food, so food is always a good option for your friends. 
  • TV show/Movie merchandise: You might not be able to buy your friend their favorite actor from their favorite show or movie, but you can get them a hoodie from their favorite tv show or movie! 
  • Headphones/Speakers: If you get your introverted friend headphones, they can walk around in public and no one will try to talk to them because it looks like they are listening to music (even if they are not).