Kamryn Bukowsky

Playing multiple sports makes for a busy schedule

Marissa Jinks, Social Media Manager

Sophomore Kamryn Bukowsky is a member of varsity cheerleading, varsity volleyball, and can often be found dancing at The Dance Connection.

“With all of the sports and extracurriculars, it gets pretty chaotic,” Bukowsky said.

Despite her busy schedule, Bukowsky is able to balance it because she is a hard worker. Playing multiple sports in a season, she is only able to attend cheerleading practice twice a week, yet she strives to arrice at practice with a positive attitude. 

“It’s hard, but I never want to take these experiences for granted,” Bukowsky said.

Kamryn Bukowsky
After attending volleyball practice, sophomore Kamryn Bukowsky cheers at the football game. (Marissa Jinks)
Kamryn Bukowsky
Marissa Jinks